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Dr. Dirk A. Bakker


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Dirk A. Bakker, M.D.

Orthopaedic Surgery

Office Location:  Muskegon  |  Grand Haven


Dr. Bakker grew up in Grand Haven and returned to West Michigan to open Grand Haven Bone & Joint in 2001, which merged with OAM in 2016. He graduated in 1986 and earned his undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from Calvin College in 1990. He graduated from the University of Michigan Medical School in 1996 and completed his orthopaedic residency at Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit, MI in 2001 where he was elected Chief Resident in his senior year.

Dr. Bakker has been a Fellow of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons since 2005 and is Board certified. His wife, Rebecca, is a RN currently teaching nursing at Muskegon Community College and Davenport. They have two children. In his spare time, Dr. Bakker enjoys spending time with his family and reading. He is an avid triathlete, runner, biker, and skier.

Professional Profile


  • State of Michigan Board of Medicine Physician License


  • University of Michigan Medical School

Professional Associations

  • American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
  • American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery


Google 5-star

Dr. Bakker and his staff did a fine job hustling my achilles tendon repair through so that it was done within a week of my first visit to his office. Dr. Bakker is a direct communicator and does not "beat around the bush". I like that in a surgeon. He did a great job efficiently briefing my wife on the details of the surgery following the procedure. According to him, it was a "strong repair". Music to my ears! — Jeff

Google 5-star

Dr. Bakker's treatment of a finger injury couldn't have been better. Also, when my mother broke a hip, his treatment was excellent with her as well. His knowledge, communication, treatment, and bedside manners are all top-notch. Would highly recommend him and his staff. — Mark K.

Google 5-star

Dr. Bakker provided excellent care and the staff is spectacular in Grand Haven — very knowledgeable and confident. Absolutely no complaints. I had a total knee replacement. I would definitely recommend Dr. Bakker to anyone. — Luann T.

Google 5-star

I love Dr. Baker! He performed both mine and my son’s rotator cuff repairs and now my knee injections. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a great orthopedic surgeon. — Ginger B.

Google 5-star

I am one year out from my hip replacement. I've had nothing but excellent care from Dr. Bakker and the whole staff. I am back to living life without pain. — Teresa F.

Google 5-star

The team is amazing. Dirk Bakker MD is a 5-star doctor. Everyone works very well together couldn't top anything. Care from the beginning thru the end is amazing. Very impressed with the staff and Dr. Bakker. Thanks for fixing my tear, rotor cup, shoulder. — Pam H.

Dr. Bakker is one of the best! He listens to your concerns while telling you how it is. Dr. Bakker definitely knows his knees. I'm up for my second surgery in July with him and although I'm nervous, I know I'm in the best of hands. — Michelle A.

Google 5-star

Dr. Bakker is a common sense, not out to make a buck doctor. Saw him once 20 years ago due to my diabetes hand issues. He suggested trying an inexpensive shot to help. It worked for over 20 years. I recently am having trouble again in which my primary doctor suggested surgery. Dr. Bakker again looked at the situation. Asked if I would first like to try the shot again instead of expensive surgery to see if we could get it under control. He was caring enough to tell me after to use the hand as much as possible to help it work the best. Next day I am almost 100% better. No guarantee how long it will last, but thankful he discussed the option and didn't focus only on the expensive, painful surgery. He's an extremely knowledgeable doctor with a lot of integrity. — Kendra V.

Google 5-star

I broke my ankle in two places two years ago. As with most people, I was worried I would never be the same again. Dr. Bakker explained where it was broken, why I needed surgery and answered all my questions. He did the surgery and called me personally the next day to follow-up. When I had pain in a different area after I could walk on it again, his staff got me back in quickly without question. He took an x-ray to be sure everything still looked okay and explained the pain I was having was normal and would go away. My ankle feels great, it doesn't cause me any problems and I can do everything now that I could do before.

I was so happy with the outcome and care that I recommended him to my dad when he was having knee pain about a year ago (my dad has prosthetic knee replacements and that surgeon is now retired). Dr. Bakker couldn't find anything wrong and recommended a wait and see approach. My dad was relieved to hear everything looked okay and the pain gradually improved and went away.

This month, my grandma fell and broke her wrist and I took her to see Dr. Bakker. He reviewed the x-rays, outlined the pros and cons of surgical vs non-surgical treatment and respected her decision not to have surgery.

A surgeon's job is to diagnose what is wrong, to decide if it can be repaired surgically and, if so, to fix it expertly and provide proper follow-up. They also need to explain everything in a way the patient can understand so they can make informed decisions about their care. Dr. Bakker does all of this with the added bonus of getting right to the point so he can maximize the time he has to explain the problem, answer all questions AND keep his appointments on time, which I appreciate.

Thank you, Dr. Bakker! — Tammy D.

Google 5-star

I was experiencing severe pain in my thumb, I called Friday and got in on Monday. Dr Bakker treated me and today I'm almost pain free. I highly recommended him. — L. J. P.