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Bone Health

A broken bone, which is the same as a fracture, can be very painful and traumatic. Even when fractures occur in an accident or fall that seemed like an isolated event, it may still indicate a problem with your bone health. Because it is a disease that can be prevented and treated, an early diagnosis can make a difference. At any age, it is never too late to take steps to protect your bones and prevent fractures (broken bones).

Bone Health Patient Education Video

In this video, Bone Health Specialist Dr. Lisa Potts talks about steps you can take to improve and maintain your bone health, including:

  • bone health testing – Dexascan
  • avoiding risks and falls
  • lifestyle choices that support strong bones

Preventing Fractures

Fortunately, there is a lot you can do to prevent fractures. It’s a matter of taking advantage of proper diet, exercise, medications, and other resources available to you right now.

The Bone Health Program at OAM is designed to help you maximize your bone strength and prevent future fractures.


Healthy bone vs weakened bone x ray


Bone Health Evaluation

During your Bone Health Evaluation the following will be reviewed: past and family medical history, the history of your recent fracture, laboratory testing and bone density (DEXA), evaluation of your risk for another broken bone, and discussion of treatment options.

You will be educated on the steps that you can take to optimize your bone health:

  • Know your specific risk of fracture
  • Get adequate calcium
  • Optimize Vitamin D
  • Maintain physical activity and strength
  • Prevent falls
  • Do not smoke
  • Limit alcohol intake


Laboratory Tests & X-Rays

In order to fully evaluate your bone health you will be given orders for:

  • Laboratory testing (blood work)
  • Bone density  (DXA or Dexa test) 


Patient Education Sheets

For additional information about bone health, we have included this patient eduction sheet as a pdf to view, download and print:

Bone Health Team